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Strait Area Genealogy

The Kings
Things of interest
The Oliver's
The Baullieul's
The Langleys
The Swains
The Warner Family
The Murray Family
Port Hawkesbury
The Paint Family
The Brouard Family
The Embree Family
The Hennessey Family
The Reynolds, Phlpotts and Grant Families
Alexander Bain
The Wright's

I have been digging at genealogy for several years. I started with the Warners  The next name that interested me was the Murrays. This is one of the most researhed name that I have done so far. With all the researchers is was easy to get loads of infomation. Everyone was very eager to share.
A man in Truro gave me much information on the Langleys and other local names. I just had to  type it all in the program I have.
After all this, I got  interested to see what I could find on other related  families in the surrounding areas.
I have yet to put up Mulgrave and Guysborough names. To give and example I have Jameson (Jamieson) , Rhynolds, George, LeBlancs, Matheson, Hayes, LeLacheur, Hendsbee, and others.
I have an interest  in pictures of the area and people , houses, buildings, events etc. and also old road or property maps.
Bear Island, Sunnyside, Port Malcolm and Point Tupper are communities gone so anything from there would be great.
I could pick them up from you and scan them , put them on a cd and return them to you with a copy of the cd that you view all the pictures on your TV. The original pictures would not be hurt in anyway by scanning them.
To comment on the pages , to send or request information  or pictures e mail me

The Gut of Canso Musuem and Archives in Port Hastings has a wealth of information about the Town of Port Hawkesbury and its people. The old church in Point Tupper is another great source for pictures and information on the surrounding areas.

Check out this great site on old Port Mulgrave . Old pictures, interesting facts and genealogy

Check out my other pages in the navagation bar for interesting bits and pieces from Port Hawkesbury and area

Eventually I will be adding other families from here and also  across the Strait in  Mulgrave and down the shore.
I am always looking for pictures of houses, people, and events from around the area.
I am slowly working on some photo pages.
If you have some old photos of the area I can scan and put them here for you and the original will be returned to you.
Bear Island, Sunnyside, Port Malcolm, and Point Tupper are three communities that have changed almost completely over the last generation or so and I would like to share information and pictures with anyone who may have some.