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 Thomas Langley came to and settled in Point Tupper in 1804 . 

He was was born Ireland ca 1753 (formerly Royal Irish Lancers 5th Regiment) came here with his two sons, ThomasJr.  and John via Quebec. So maybe at some point Thomas and family lived in Quebec.

The 1811 census shows Thomas Langley Sr.  as a Fisherman, Farmer having a family consisting of 2 males between 14 and  60;  3 females bet 14 & 60;  7 males & females unmarried 2 males under 14;   2 females under 14  and  2  cattle

This would show at least 7 children if he had a wife in 1811

In 1818  we have *Thomas Langley Sr. age 65 born ca 1753 Irish came to Cape Breton in  1804 and was a Fisherman, Farmer married with 6 children (who were the 6 children)

This also show we have to seek out at least 5 other children I do not have.


The 1818 census shows John and Thomas Jr. out on their own with families .


1818 census Thomas Langley Jr. age 30 b ca 1788 Irish came to CB 1804 from Canada*Fisherman, married 5 children


1818 census John Langley age 21 b ca 1797 Irish came to CB in 1804 from Quebec fisherman married 1 child


The Langley name seem to weave in and out of most Strait area families quite often so if your family is from this area there is a strong chance you are related to the Langleys


Very interested in Point Tupper, Port Malcolm ,Sunnyside and Bear Island names, events, pictures, anything.