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Strait Area Genealogy

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The Embree name weaves in and out of most of the old local names in the Strait area.

The Embree's were originally French Huguenots, move from the North of France to England early in the 17th century and in the later part of the same century or shortly before the American Revolution two families moved to Westchester, Mass. U.S.A. After the war was over Capt. Thomas Embree, a retired British Officer moved with his family to LaHave N.S. Canada. Adolphus, his brother moved to Amherst N.S. His descendants are now settled in Amherst and Oxford. Capt. Thomas died in LaHave about 1809, leaving a widow, four sons and three daughters. The sons took up shipbuilding and fishing about the year 1826 they moved to the Strait of Canso. Thomas, Samuel, and Charles settled in Inverness County while Adolphus settled in Richmond County and became a Senator.

Thomas started a tannery shop and at a point had 30 men employed.

One of Thomas’ sons, Isaiah, ran one of the first ferries crossing the Strait.

Samuel and Charles started farming. George, Samuel’s son, started a boat building shop called Embree's Island Shipbuilder in the days of wooden ships. From the year 1850 to 1865 he built no less than 5 schooners, six Brigantines and 1 Braque.

Charles had twin boys named who Thomas twin to Samuel *Note Thomas and Samuel stood over 6 feet tall and weighed over 200 lbs and both lived to be over 90 years of age

This would have been big men in those days. Charles was also my great, great grandfather and his daughter, Elizabeth Embree, was married to my great grand father, Robert Murray

The Embree’s were industrious entrepreneurs who contributed greatly to the growth of our town.  They became sea captains, politians, and fought in the wars with some giving their all.

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From J.L. MacDougall's book History of Inverness County  published 1922