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Desendants of John DURRAH 

Durrah is a name I do not have very much information.


Descendants of John Durrah



Generation No. 1


        1.  John1 Durrah was born 1790 in Guysborough Co. NS, and died Aft. 1881 in Milford, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.  He married Margaret ?.


 Notes for John Durrah:


  1. (Mormon Church Records), George "Derrah" household, Milford, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, household # 42, Apr 1881. John is 91 years old, a widower and retired fisherman, belongs to the Church of England (Anglican).

  2. Guysborough County Marriage Registry (online), Book 1814, page 5, 1865-50, Jan 26 1865, PANS.



        Children of John Durrah and Margaret ? are:

 +     2                 i.    George2 Durrah, born September 20, 1838; died 1925.

        3                ii.    Jane Durrah, born 1827 in Antigonish, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia..  She married Patrick Dorcey January 26, 1865 in Port Mulgrave NS.



Generation No. 2


        2.  George2 Durrah (John1) was born September 20, 1838, and died 1925.  He married Mary LeBlanc September 26, 1867, daughter of Abraham LeBlanc and Margaret Langley.







        Children of George Durrah and Mary LeBlanc are:

        4                 i.    Amelia Jane3 Durrah, born September 07, 1867.

        5                ii.    Mary Ann Durrah, born Abt. 1869.

        6               iii.    Margeret Durrah, born Abt. 1872.

 +     7               iv.    Thomas Edwin Durrah, born October 21, 1872.

        8                v.    Lavinia Durrah, born August 14, 1873.

        9               vi.    Frances Agnes Durrah, born November 04, 1875.

        10            vii.    James Alexander Durrah, born March 23, 1880.




        11           viii.    John G. Durrah, born September 23, 1882.






 +     12              ix.    Lucretia Durrah, born January 07, 1893 in Oyster Ponds NS; died December 10, 1970 in River Herbert NS.

 +     13               x.    Charles Durrah, born May 27, 1895.



Generation No. 3


        7.  Thomas Edwin3 Durrah (George2, John1) was born October 21, 1872.  He married Annie MacIssac February 1909.


        Children of Thomas Durrah and Annie MacIssac are:

        14               i.    Mary Judith4 Durrah, born January 20, 1910.  She married Murdock MacKinnon August 14, 1944 in Port Hawkesbury.

        15              ii.    Edward Lavin Durrah, born February 15, 1912.


        12.  Lucretia3 Durrah (George2, John1) was born January 07, 1893 in Oyster Ponds NS, and died December 10, 1970 in River Herbert NS.  She married Peter Bain Warner November 13, 1911, son of Thomas Warner and Louisa Baillieul.



        13.  Charles3 Durrah (George2, John1) was born May 27, 1895.


        Child of Charles Durrah is:

        23               i.    Frank4 Durrah.


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