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Peter John and Elizabeth Brouard

Peter John Brouard and his wife Elizabeth MUNSON TOUZEAU came from Guernsey in the Channel Islands to work at Ship Harbour/Pt. Hawkesbury for the Thoume Moulin Company, he, being a ship builder of some note.

This Mr. P. J. Brouard built a beautiful ship in Hawkesbury, on the upper side of the street, at the Southwestern corner of what is now Mr. Bain's store. An elegant wall-picture of this ship is preserved by Mr. Bain in his parlor. This picture was taken on the ship's maiden voyage to Europe, while entering the port of Trieste. Looking at that splendid vessel, with all its wealth of canvas spread, recalls more vividly than anything else could do a glorious era that is past. No wonder the picture should be cherished as a valued heirloom.  

From J.L. MacDougall's book History of Inverness County  published 1922




He built a 97 ton vessel "General Brock" in 1821 for Peter Janvarin of the Jersy firm that operated out of Arichat area. In 1826 Peter built a 213 ton brig "The James" which was jointly owned by himself and Thoume, Moullin and Co.

“The James” is the subject of a painting by the famous local artist, Frank Wright

Peter also served as Justice of the Peace and in 1849 as Inspector of Pickled Fish

 Commissioner in the Town of Port Hawkesbury

Peter John and Elizabeth Brouard had seven daughters. They were married to John Baillieul, one married to Alexander Bain, and to Frank H. Blanchard, and one to Francis MacKenizie. ( and possibly one to a James Mackenize.) I need information on Blanchard, Mackenize and the 2 missing daughters. I have a lot on Bauilliels and as far as I know Alexander Bain only had one child and I don’t believe she married.

Peter John and Elizabeth Brouard are both buried in the Anglican Cemetery on Prince Street.