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Strait Area Genealogy

The Reynolds, Phlpotts and Grant Families

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The Reynolds, Phlpotts and Grant Families
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Stephen Reynolds came to Cape Breton area about 1797, one of the first pioneers of the Strait area who came from Phillsbury, Mississippi U.S.A. He settled first at Sand Point near the south end of the Strait, and after a lonely experience there moved northward and made a home for himself about two miles north of where Port Hawkesbury now stands. He married Mary Strachan and had a family of five sons and five daughters






William Philpott was from Swimbridge England and was married in England to Elizabeth Shave of Hampshire, England  They had one son and three daughters. William and Elizabeth  came to Port Hawkesbury in 1822. William died in July 03, 1852 and Elizabeth died in November 06, 1861 and are both buried in the Church of England cemetery in Port Hawkesbury. His son William married a scottish lady Margaret MacLean and came with his wife to join his parents in Hawkesbury in 1824. He was a shipbuilder and farmer.


From J.L. MacDougall's book History of Inverness County  published 1922






Allan and John Grant came here from Ballendallich, Scotland

and  lived at Grant's Point.  Allan Grant’s son, Peter had the first published newspaper in Inverness County called "The News of the Week"