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Strait Area Genealogy

The Murray Family

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Walter Murray, his wife, and their young daughter came to Nova Scotia from Rogart, Sutherland, Scotland. They came over on the ship "Hector" which landed in Pictou in July, 1773. Walter's son, William had three boys that came to the Strait area around 1825.

About this time (1825) some of William and Sarah's older sons moved to the Cape Breton area.

 Walter , David and John Gault.

Walter became a sea Captain and lived at Port Richmond, Cape Breton

 He married Amelia Susannah Grant. 

Three of their sons, David, Charles and Frances died together in a shipwreck about 1859. On 5 January 1888, Walter Murray died at Port Hawksbury. He was about 89 years old and is buried at Grantville.




David Murray was also a sea Captain and lived at McNairs Cove, in the County of Guysborough.  He first married Sarah McNair. His second wife was Christina MacDonald and the third wife was Mary Ann (Peeples) Rogers. McNairs Cove is now Mulgrave.

 A bit on David Sr. from Bill Dunbar

"David owned a beautiful little property at Port Mulgrave, and during the summer months, the venerable old gentleman may be seen operating a new fangled species of water power of which he holds the patent right. High up amongst the granite hills a crystal fountain send its sparkling stream down the rocky slope. The old man constructed a temporary trestle way down the wharves at Wylde's Cove, and supplies the trading vessels with water from the rock profitably to himself and conveniently to his patrons."

  David Murray Sr. passed away on 14 November 1888 and is buried at Port Mulgrave.



John Gault Murray also went to Cape Breton and was also a sea Captain at Port Richmond. He married Catherine Grant .  John and Catherine had 10 children John died in 1874.