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Strait Area Genealogy

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The Wright's

William Wright was born in Pennsylvania { in 1794 ?} {of Irish descent}.  He came to Cape Breton during the American Revolution and his religion was Methodist {Weslyan}.  His wife's name may have been Lydia {b.1779?}and they had at least 2 children: James and Charles,  In 1849 he deeded land at Eastern side of the Gut
of Canso to his sons James and Charles {Arichat record}.  William Wright died in Point Tupper, and is buried there.

James Wright son of William, was born in Pennsylvania on 10 March 1822.  James settled at Bear Island on the southeast side of the Gut of Canso.

A decendant of the Wrights who is living in Port Hawkesbury today is James Franklin Wright , and he is now recognized as Canada's leading marine artist.  Often his work portrays the early life of his ancestors on Cape Breton Island

Sources: Wright researchers


At present I am in some confusion on Charles Wright so maybe soon to be updated. I have a bit on the Wrights but always want more. Email me