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  The Warner's

We have gotten back to the 1700's in England where a John Warner married a Jane (Jenny) Baker. About 1829 a Thomas Warner was indentured on a ship and after his indenture was served, he settled in Port Hawkesbury. His brother William came over to Cape Breton a few years later and moved about from PEI to Mulgrave and Port Hawkesbury. Most of the early Warner's worked in the shipbuilding and carpenter trades. Some migrated to the United States as was a sign of the times to get employment.

 John Warner married Jenny Baker

son Robert Warner  Born July 10 1748 Buried Feb 15 1815 married Mary Cornwall

William s/o Robert above born circa 1772 *buried 29 March 1847 m Dec 18 1790 to Sarah Smith

Thomas Warner was son of William above,  was born 1790 and died June 02 1843 He married(1)Cathrine Bond and she died in the West Indies She was the daughter of Capt.Thomas Bond. 

Thomas Warner remarried a Patience ?      Thomas Warner  was a band sgt of an English regiment stationed in the Channel Island. He served in India and also in thbe West Indies. Thomas Warner was a school-master at the time of his death.

Thomas and Catherine had  3 children:

 Thomas Warner (1814 – 1881) came first in 1829 indentured to Thoume Moullin & Co.. He was 14 years and 10 months old at the start of the indenture. So he left England on board of the Brig Unity for their fishing establishment at Ship Harbor in the Island of Cape Breton. They were ship builders and so he learnt his trade as a ships carpenter. The term of his indenture was 5 years and in this time he could not marry and on completing the 5 year term he would be paid six pounds sterling. So in a very short time after his time was served bounded by the indenture, he got married to an Eleanor Harriet King born April 16, 1818 .They had 5 children. He then married Lavinia LeBlanc and the had 9 children   


William Edmund Warner, younger brother to Thomas came over much later with a trade as a bricklayer. William was born on 1 April 1818-19 at Waterford, Ireland and died .27 or 28 Feb 1861 at Port Mulgrave, N.S.

He married Mary Ann Price at Souris, PEI 8 Jan 1843 by Rev Fr John McDonald


Catherine Warner was born in the West Indies and stayed in England. She married a William Deadman who was a London Policeman.

It is believed there was no children.