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Recipe for Dandelion Beer PLUS

Recipe for Dandelion Beer from Henry Warner's Book


Put 2 quarts of dandelion blossoms well packed down to 1 gallon of water

Boil for 20 minutes then strain

Add 3 pounds of sugar and the juices of 2 lemons

Boil 20 minutes again let cool

Add 1/4  of a yeast cake

Put in crock

Let stand for 4 weeks and skim every day

Then bottle




Letter written  to Louisa (Baullieul) Warner

Newburyport, (?) Mass.

Jan. 12  1895

Dear Cousin;

I will now try and write you a few lines. We are all feeling p[retty well at thye present and hope you are all the same.

 Haven't we had an awful cold fall. It was terrible cold up here and I suppose it must have been the same down there.

Work is quite dull in several places up here. George's trade isn't very lucky and some of his customers are out of work

and can't pay him as it makes it real bad.

You tell Peter B. that his uncle george is going to send him two dollars to buy him a pair boots with. He will send it soon

after see if you get this letter all right. My sister Joan sent you a (piece or purse) of five dollars . I hope you will get it all right.

Be sure and let me know if you get it right away. We send our love to you all and a lot of kisses to Peter B. and to the baby.

I will now bid you good bye.

From your cousin

Hannah Baulleiul (Looks Like)

Joan ___________?




From a newspaper clipping


Langley--- Anthony

The marriage of John C. Langley and Miss. Annie Anthony both of New Aberdeen, C.B.

took place at the home of Mrs. Thomas Warner, Port Hawkesbury on April 06 By the Rev.

Mr. McLaren, Methodist minister. The bride and groom were supported by Henry Warner

of Port Hwkesbury and Lizzie Langley of New Aberdeen. After the marriage a delcious

supper was served. The happy couple arrived home by last night's express. They will reside

in New Aberdeen. Their many friends wish them a happy and prosperious married life.




Teacher: Sometimes ancestor's name told what kind of trade they were in. What were your

 ancestors  Webb

Webb: Spiders sir??


Margaret: When do the leaves begin to turn

Beverly: The day before examinations

Just a few of the chuckles  taken from a page of the 1956 "The Gateway to Cape Breton" school

magazine for the Port Hawkesbury Public School which was opened in 1913 on the corner of Embree

 and Napean Streets where the Evergreen club is today. The school magazine covered a variety of topics

giving insights into the community at that time.