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Murray History Tartans and Badges
Clan Badges and Tartans


Clan Badges and Tartans

Murray Clan Septs, Badges, Tartans, etc.
Clan Septs (family names associated with the Murray Clan): Balneaves,
Dinsmore, Dunsmore, Fleming, Moray, Murrie, Neaves, Piper, Pyper, Smail,
Smale, Small, Smeal, and Spalding (this list is shorter than the one
previously shown here, but is in line with the list used by the home
society in Scotland). I recently found a good explanation of what a clan
sept is from the Scots in Nova Scotia web page (see the link page):
"Clan Septs and Dependents comprise those who were descended from the
Chief through the female line and consequently bore a different surname;
and those who sought and obtained the protection of the Clan and became
Badges: Gaig-bhealaidh (Butchers Broom) and Aitionn (Juniper)
Patron Saint: Saint Laisren (McLaise)
Feast Day: 17th of August
Chief to the Murrays: Not yet named (see the history page)
Patroness/Patrons: Patroness is Anne, Countess of Dunmore and the
Patrons are The Lord Elibank, The Earl of Dunmore, The Earl of
Mansfield, Hon. Peregrine Moncreiffe of Moncreiffe
Tartans: There are a number of Murray tartans, but only two are
generally available today. These can be worn by any member of the clan.
They are Murray of Atholl (green tartan, shown to the left) and Murray
of Tullibardine (red tartan, shown to the right). Note that these are
only samples. There are a wide number of varieties and variations,
including weathered, ancient dyes, modern dyes, etc.