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Murray's General con't 6


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The Murray's............cont 6

Elizabeth Murray Rath died in Hilden 12 November, 1910 and is buried with her Rath family in Brookfield Cemetery. Her obituary--

"Dec 12-The Angel of Death has visited our midst and taken from us Mrs. Robert Rath. After an illness of a few days she passed away to join the majority in the great beyond.
During her declining years she was carefully attended by her loving daughter, Mary L. She was much loved and respected by all who knew her.
There is left to mourn her, a husband, four daughters, Mary L., at home; Mrs. H.D. Turney, Roxbury, Mass.; Mrs. Will Dunbar, Calgary. Alberta, and Mrs. Scott Johnson, Hilden, and two sons, Burton, and Sedley, Truro." (Truro Daily News-Dec 14,1910).
In a window at the Baptist Church in Hilden is the following: "Given in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rath by Mary L. Rath, Susan Rath, Anna Rath Johnson".

With Elizabeth's passing, our last Murray surnamed direct ancestor was gone. The name still lives on in our family. Her grandson, my Dad, was Seldon Murray Dunbar. This is a rather typical Scottish custom of using the mother's surname (however Elizabeth used her Mothers maiden name) as a middle name for the children. Dad didn't like the Seldon name so as a young man changed his name to Murray Seldon Dunbar. He has a nephew named David Murray Scott and a great-grandson, Lucas Murray Rogers.
On May 20, 1913, Elizabeths brother William Murray, husband of Jane, passed away at Camden. He was 72.

In a 1918-19 Directory of the Truro area we found a Hugh Murray still living at Murrays Siding so that is very likely our Hugh, but he is getting old. There is also a John Murray Sr., Farmer, living on the Old Pictou Road. This is almost surely Hughs older brother John Murray that lived in the Salmon River area and died in 1920. His son John Fred Lord Murray was not married yet so probably was still at home with his parents.
Charlotte Robinson related another family story. About 1921 John Fred Lord Murray went from their home at Valley Station to Avondale and Merigomish to look up his relatives and met his future wife, Ella Beatrice Murray. She was a second cousin, one generation removed.

John and Ella lived at Valley Station and had five children. Jean Cameron Murray was born July 22, 1923 and she died as a young child July 17, 1930. Charlotte was born Feb. 18, 1925, John James Nov. 13, 1927, Winifred May Jan 5, 1931 and William Grant Nov. 12, 1934. Weve recently been in contact with Charlotte who lives in Westville and she told us of this branch of the family.

As mentioned previously, Jane Wile found the following article in the March 26, 1936 issue of the Truro Daily News.

Camden Lady is Bright Despite Years of Suffering

Congratulations are in order to Mrs. Jane Murray on reaching her 98th birthday at her home at Camden on Sunday, March 15th. Mrs. Murray is receiving congratulations from a host of friends who are pleased to see her in bright spirits following decidedly years of physical suffering. Twenty years ago Mrs. Murray was operated on for cancer. Since that time she has fallen three times, when she received a broken leg and two cuts in the head which required stitches. Today she is blind, lame, and confined to her bed, and cheerful in spirits.
Mrs. Murray is a native of Port Hawkesbury and before her marriage was Miss Jane Murray, she resided at Wilsons Mountain, Colchester County. After their home had been destroyed by fire, they moved to Camden where she has resided since that time. Mr. Murray passed away 21 years ago. Two sons, David Lawrence, at Camden, and Walter in New Westminster, B. C., are still living. For the past winter Mrs. Murray has been confined to her bed after her eyesight and hearing had failed sufficiently to make it difficult for her to get around the house."

This article coincides with aunt Jeans comment and helps confirm we have the correct Murray family. It was interesting to note that from the above article they referred to the home being destroyed by fire where Mr. Miller had reference to an April 1874 barn fire at Wilsons Mountain. Possibly its the same fire and they moved as the result of the barn fire or it could be a later house fire.

A year and a few months later Jane Murray passed away, May 4, 1937. The following article appeared in the newspaper.

"Colchester County residents mourn the passing of a grand old lady, Mrs. Wm. Murray, of Camden, whose death occurred Tuesday afternoon. She was in her one hundredth year, having celebrated her 99th birthday on March 7 last. Mrs. Murray was well known and universally beloved and respected.

Her disposition at all times was friendly and cheerful. Despite the loss of sight and hearing within the past few years she maintained her ladylike characteristics right up until the time of her passing. She had been bedfast the last couple of years suffering from a broken hip.
Two sons, Walter, in Vancouver, and David Lawrence, at home, survive. Her husband predeceased her 23 years ago.
The funeral will be held from Olives Undertaking Parlors Thursday afternoon at two oclock, with interment in Watson Cemetery." (Truro Daily News-May 5 1937). As we noted earlier we really havent found a headstone or grave for Jane or husband William.

With Janes passing another generation of our Murray Clan pass into history. Her sons didnt outlive her very long. David Lorne Murray passed away at Truro November 1, 1938. He was 66 and buried in Watson Cemetery. Walter died 24 February, 1944 in Vancouver, B.C.

Of some interest is that on the modern large scale government map of the Truro area the small brook entering the Salmon River from the south at Murrays Siding is called Murrays Brook. Although there are a number of Murrays in the area I suspect this brook is named after one of our William Murrays, miller.
We dont know many Murray relatives as they are a few generations back in our family tree but as we mentioned we recently made contact with and in 1998 met Charlotte Murray Robinson of Westville, N.S. a daughter of John Fred Lord Murray. She grew up at the family farm in the Salmon River area so its been interesting to share family history with her. Shes married to Herbert Robinson and they have three children, Herbert Norris Robinson, born Jan 23, 1945 and died as a young child Jan 8, 1949. Delma Anne was born May 11, 1949 and Freda Marie born Sep 24, 1953. We visited with Charlotte and Herb, daughter Freda and granddaughter Joan and grandson Fred. They live on their farm south of Westville near Roddin and Freda and her family live across the road.

Charlotte and I are among the most related people Ive know. We are 2nd cousins, once removed, 4th cousins, 5th cousins, once removed and 5th cousins. The close relationship is through Elizabeth and John Murray being brother and sister and the other is through her Mothers branch back to (1811)Williams brother James W. Murray and then I get lost on the last two relationships. Its probably through earlier Murrays or possibly even through Crowes.

For over ten years we have been in contact with Marjorie Bulmer, Genealogy Coordinator for the Colchester Historical Society. She has furnished us information and suggestions for further research that have greatly aided this effort. Marjorie was the first person to suggest to us that our Murrays were possibly from Pictou County based on finding son Johns family Bible records. Weve also corresponded with Glen Matheson of Glenholme, NS (near Truro) and Edward G. Marshall of Las Vegas, Nevada, both descendants of William Murray Sr. younger brother Aaron Murray. Also weve contacted Rev. Karl English, of Calgary. Just recently we have been in contact with Barbara A. Smith of Massachusetts. Her husband Eric is a descendent of old David Murray and his son Walter. We were in the Pictou County Genealogy Library in Pictou in 1998 and a couple walked by and the woman looked at the wall map and said "and this is Merrigomish..." so I looked up and inquired if their ancestors were from Merigomish and they said yes and then she said "are you Bill Dunbar"... It was Barbara A. Smith and Eric. We hadnt been in contact for a few months but each of us had indicated we hoped to be at the 225th Hector Celebration. Its fun to meet people youve been in contact with on the Internet and discussed family history with them. Barbaras husband is from Walters eldest son Davids family and they stopped and visited with Lyall Murray that lives on the original Barneys River grant and got to see Walters sword and discuss family history. Just recently weve made contact with Rev Lewis M. Murray of Stewiacke, Colchester County. Hes 85 years old an a 3rd cousin once removed. He is a descendant of William Sr. son John G. Murray. Via the internet weve been in contact with Bruce Murray and his brother Alan. Bruce lives at Antiginish not far from old Walters grant so its been fun to visit with them. Alan lives in Halifax. They are from Walters son David Murrays family.

In 2000 when we went to the "Hector" launch in Pictou, we went up to Barneys River and met Lyall Murray and wife Joan and his brother Walter and wife Margaret and their son Bruce. We had a nice visit and got to hold old Walters sword. They also had a 1780s world Atlas that someone in Scotland had sent to Walter and family. It was printed after the Hector trip so we know they didnt bring it with them. Lyalls brother Walter took me for a walk along lower Barneys River but we could not see any evidence of the early mill. Walter could recall seeing one of the old millstones along the river years ago but now its covered with underbrush. A field across the river is called the "Dam field" so the dam and mill had to be in this vicinity. It was a very pleasant visit.

From the Jane Wile book on The Crowe Family Im certain there is an extremely large group of Walter and Christian Murray descendants in Nova Scotia and throughout the World. We wish you and them well and hope you enjoyed learning about "our" Murray family.